Different hair colors

Hey peeps,

so I am finally back, it’s the same old story: I work all the time! But I still love it.

So I didn’t even post pictures of my different hair colors!

After I bleached my roots, I kinda thought to myself why not a little more crazy?! So I added a little turquoise and purple to the equation. I do this myself using some clips and a brush and then just work my way through the hair from front to back.



20140409-145036.jpgI loved this rainbow-colored hair, but after a while I felt like going back to pink, that’s just more me! So I mixed pink and red and I look like a highlighter now. Not the one for hair, but the one to highlight text with :D



For the pink brows I used Sugarpill Cosmetics Dollipop. I will post some makeup looks soon, too.

So theses were my different hair colors I had/have! Do you have colorful hair?

Peacock Feather Ink

Hey peeps,

today I’d like to share with you my new tattoo. I am honestly so in love with my arm! I did look at a lot of feather tattoos on the internet and there are a lot of really great ones. But I think mine is the best :D haha, should be like that with something permanent, shouldn’t it?!

So here’s the picture:

Peacock Feather Tattoo by Laura (Freestyle Tattoo Hamburg)

The wonderful Laura from Freestyle Tattoo Hamburg Wilhelmsburg made my arm so much prettier. I was in quite some pain at the end of the session but was absolutely worth it!

Swagger Cosmetics Raspberry Rampage

Hey peeps,

as I said, I try to blog more again :)

Since I also blog (in German) on my makeupland tumblr, I thought, I just share those things here with you in English!

I am genuinely not a big lip gloss fan, they feel too sticky most of the time, but since I sell some in my shop makeupland, I thought I give it a try and boy, was I surprised! The Swagger Cosmetics lip glosses are awesome!

Swagger Cosmetics Raspberry Rampage Swatch

Swagger Cosmetics Raspberry Rampage Swatch

When I swatched the lip glosses, I instantly fell in love with Raspberry Rampage!

So I wore it out at the first chance I got!

Swagger Cosmetics Raspberry Rampage Lips

Swagger Cosmetics Raspberry Rampage Lips

The color is so vibrant and not at all sticky. I will try their other colors soon! And here’s the whole look:

Makeup of the day with Swagger Cosmetics

My going out look featuring Raspberry Rampage lip gloss by Swagger Cosmetics

That by the way is my bathroom in the background :D

So, do you like lip glosses? Tell me all about it!


I love my job!

Hey peeps,

I have to say I really do love my job! I am surrounded by make up and nail polish all day. That’s simply fantastic!

I can’t try everything, I’d ruin my own business, but every now and then I buy something for myself. Of course, I get a friends & family discount ;-)

Here’s my first Picture Polish nail polish, the color is called Vampire – I like!

Picture Polish Vampire Swatch

Do you have any Picture Polish nail polishes? What’s your favorite color?

And I finally got my order from Black Milk Clothing. I love their leggings! And I got my first dress, I have honestly never had anything that fitted so perfectly at the top!

Black Milk Clothing Leggings Haul

Midnight Owl Dress by Black Milk Clothing

Sorry for the bad quality and the mess in the background :D that’s just me! Hugs!

Where was I?

Oh yes, um, blogging, no way, I am a boss lady now! Ain’t no one got time for that.

So, I haven’t blogged since October last year, which seems to be quite a long time ago. Well, starting my own business did not leave me with more time on my hands.. So basically no time for fancy nail art, although I’d love to. I still get a weird allergic (?) reaction when applying makeup to my eyes, so no makeup either. It’s a sad, sad world. But I do love my business and being my own boss.

If you haven’t heard: I started an online shop for cruelty free makeup with an extra section for vegan products, shipping throughout Germany. Brands I carry are Picture Polish, Lit Cosmetics, Swagger Cosmetics, Lippy Girl, BH Cosmetics and some more to come soon!

This is all really exciting, but also time-consuming, that’s why I didn’t keep up with the blogging at all whatsoever :D I’ll try again now, because I really love it and missed it.

For starters here are a coupe of picture from the last months:

swag, pink hair, orange hair

This was from a couple of months ago, when my hair was pink and orange.

pin up, pink hair, eyeliner

Although I am not really allowed to wear makeup, I still do it on special occasions like Christmas. I am so badass! :D

new year's eve, pink hair, glitter, mermaid, sugarpill

And also New Year’s Eve. My sisters and I had a Miniparty, its theme was ‘Glitterpuke’..

So now that you know again what I look like, I hope I’ll see you around again and by the way, happy New Year! Hugs & Kisses

Did you know?

Hey peeps,

I will start telling you some more business-ey things once in a while, since I think it is totally interesting and does also apply to blogging as well as start-ups or business in general. (If you’re not interested, just skip these posts ;))

Here’s a fun fact about male/female facebook page admins:

facebbok, social media, infographic, gender, admins, socialbaker, statistics


Ha, I am not totally average.. yet.. and by the way I am never average ;) Have a lovely weekend, peeps and leave a comment: Are you ‘average’? And do you think updates like this one are interesting? Sparkling hugs, Lisa

New hair

Hey peeps,

since so many things in my life change right now, I figured it is a great idea to change my hair. More specifically my hair color. So now I have this:

hair, pink, orange, manic panic, vegan, dye, color

This pic is a little dark, so here are two more with a fancy up-do:

hair, pink, orange, manic panic, vegan, dye, color, victory rolls, up-do, pin up

I love that look, reminds me of a mix of a pin up and a modern Marie Antoinette, or something like that!

What do you think of the new hair? Yay or nay? Love to hear from you & so long!