A new era begins

Hey peeps,

this blog is no more. I have outgrown the name and the initial idea behind it. Since I started my business, I didn’t even really blog at all. But this is about to change. I missed it too much :)

So I started an entirely new blog where I’ll post from now on in English and German. It will be of course about makeup and nail polish, my personal life and everything I feel like sharing with you. So please head over to queenofsparkles.wordpress.com and enter my glittery world!

I had a great time here at storysmoking, thanks everyone for that and hopefully see you around at Queen of Sparkles!

Hugs & kisses from me to you!

Lisa – Queen of Sparkles :-*

PS: I deleted all the old posts after exporting them, because they were so old and not me anymore. I am re-importing them now, because that was me and I decided it’s ok to leave them here for anyone interested in seeing me pre-makeupland :) I didn’t have the greatest make up or nail art skills, but I loved and still love what I was doing. So there! :D I am also thinking about recreating some looks on the new blog..

News +++ News +++ News

I have been absent for quite a while and there’s a reason for this… I have been working on a great project. I cannot tell you exactly what it is right now, but I can give you few hints:

  • it’s work related
  • it’s makeup related
  • I am really excited about it!

I know this is not a lot, but there a few things that I have to finish before I can tell you the good news. To shorten the wait, here’s a makeup look :)

makeup, sugarpill cosmetics, limecrime, asteria, limited edition


Looking forward to telling you everything, peeps ♥