Where was I?

Oh yes, um, blogging, no way, I am a boss lady now! Ain’t no one got time for that.

So, I haven’t blogged since October last year, which seems to be quite a long time ago. Well, starting my own business did not leave me with more time on my hands.. So basically no time for fancy nail art, although I’d love to. I still get a weird allergic (?) reaction when applying makeup to my eyes, so no makeup either. It’s a sad, sad world. But I do love my business and being my own boss.

If you haven’t heard: I started an online shop for cruelty free makeup with an extra section for vegan products, shipping throughout Germany. Brands I carry are Picture Polish, Lit Cosmetics, Swagger Cosmetics, Lippy Girl, BH Cosmetics and some more to come soon!

This is all really exciting, but also time-consuming, that’s why I didn’t keep up with the blogging at all whatsoever :D I’ll try again now, because I really love it and missed it.

For starters here are a coupe of picture from the last months:

swag, pink hair, orange hair

This was from a couple of months ago, when my hair was pink and orange.

pin up, pink hair, eyeliner

Although I am not really allowed to wear makeup, I still do it on special occasions like Christmas. I am so badass! :D

new year's eve, pink hair, glitter, mermaid, sugarpill

And also New Year’s Eve. My sisters and I had a Miniparty, its theme was ‘Glitterpuke’..

So now that you know again what I look like, I hope I’ll see you around again and by the way, happy New Year! Hugs & Kisses

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